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Embroidery Services

The process of taking a logo from graphic to embroidery is easier said than done!

Our team can “digitize” (setup) your logo to make it ready to be embroidered on the items you order. Once the logo has been digitized/setup
we will sew out a sample for you to approve the design before doing your actual order.

Our experience in the industry allows us to help you choose the right thread colors and fabrics that will make your logo/design look the best it
possibly can!

There are many factors that go into making an embroidered design look the best. EASW has the experience and equipment to make your logo
look the best! We are here to assist you! Allow us to make “YOUR IMAGE OUR BUSINESS” today!

How do you determine the price of an embroidered item?

• Which item(s) you want to order?
• How many items are being ordering?
• How many designs are going on the item?
• How many stitches are in the design?

Is there a minimum qty. when ordering?

• NO – with embroidery we can do as few as 1 item.
• Our minimum order charge is $25.00

Is there a fee to setup my logo the first time?

• This depends upon the $$ amount of your order. Please inquire when ordering.
• The maximum setup fee for a chest logo is $25 and a full back logo is $100.
• Once your logo is setup, we keep it on file for life!